Coloniser Registration for Alpha Continues

coloniser, cantos games

Cantos Games™ is pleased to announce that early registration continues to be live in the USA for the upcoming Alpha release of Coloniser™

Registrants on the Cantos Games™ website will gain early access to Coloniser™ this fall as well as unique downloadable content only available to the private Alpha participants.

Cantos Games™ is based in Charlotte, North Carolina building on the experienced videogame talent in the Queen City, Triad Area, and greater Carolinas to deliver great gaming experiences available in the US and worldwide. At Cantos Games™, our goal is to create games that are not only entertaining, but also feature new and innovative gameplay mechanics. With Coloniser™, we believe we have achieved this balance and are looking forward to bringing this game to strategy game players around the world Fall of 2023.

In Coloniser™, players take on the role of colonists seeking to start their own kingdoms and conquer new lands. The game features massive, open-world maps that offer a fresh spin on traditional RTS gameplay. Players will need to use all of their cunning and strategy to succeed in the world of Coloniser™, where every decision has consequences and no two games are the same.

One of the standout features of Coloniser is its deep, innovative multiplayer gameplay that is solely player vs player. In particular a first of it's kind multiplayer experience that we're very excited to share in the private Alpha release this Fall 2023.

At Cantos Games™, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of modern gameplay with interesting new gameplay mechanics while staying true to real time strategy's roots. With Coloniser™, we believe we have created a game that will not only entertain, but also challenge and inspire players to play differently. We are excited to bring this game to players around the world and look forward to hearing their feedback. Coloniser is set to launch on PC in 2023. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more updates and information.